About Us
Constant development is the law of life, and that's
what we live upto at Nethues
srisofts.com has been helping all kinds of companies and businesses succeed since 1999. We’ve achieved this by having three essential parts to our business:

1. Advanced and intelligent technology
2. A strong and efficient infrastructure
3. Employees who care and work towards your success

We believe that a business can only be as strong and successful as its structure. This is why we’ve worked hard to ensure our business is ready and able to serve you in the best possible way. And we’re still working to ensure it will always be better than ever.

Our mission
Our aim is to build our company’s corporate structure around customer satisfaction. We strongly believe satisfied customers mean excellent products and services. We’re accessible and focused and we don’t believe we know everything. The learning never ends at srisofts.com, and we treat all our customers the same – whether we’re dealing with a large corporation or a small one man band.

Our philosophy
We believe that if we focus on what you need, everything else will follow. We’d prefer to do less work really, really well than try to wow you with lots of things you actually don’t need. We’re ready to speak to everyone too, whenever we’re needed – you don’t have to be a technical wiz to talk to us.
The sky is the limit at srisofts.com – and we’re ready to help you reach it.

Outstanding quality delivered on time and in budget
That’s the srisofts.com motto. We’ve lived by it since 1999 and it will take us into a positive and dynamic future working with every business we come into contact with. Yours could be among them.

How do we work?
The ideas that underline our working methods are simple. We believe in using our resources efficiently and ensuring that every single customer is satisfied. We know that no two clients are ever the same, so we do not offer a standard service.

Instead we work on the best outsourcing solution for YOUR business – whatever that might be. We know you will probably come to us because you are looking for a cost effective outsourcing solution for your business IT needs. But we also know you want the best return on your investment. We take that knowledge very seriously. It’s what drives us and challenges us to do better every single day.

Our task – to find solutions for your business challenges
Whatever IT challenges you may face, you can be sure that srisofts.com is well placed to meet them on your behalf. You’ll always have a key role to play in our relationship. Some people are wary of outsourcing part of their business, but srisofts.com shows you just how good the results can be when you try us.

Our clients get the IT solutions they seek in a cost efficient, time efficient way. We combine a quality output with effective communication and a high level of efficiency, to give you the results you seek. Suddenly an IT solution that seemed out of reach becomes possible: thanks to the way that srisofts.com works.

We’re here to meet with you whenever you need us
Despite being miles away, we never let a chance go to meet our customers and clients. We regularly visit the UK and meet our clients in person. You’ll know who you’re doing business with, and you’ll have the confidence of knowing you’ll get everything you need and want from srisofts.com.
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