Business Models
The most essential thing for us was to get the business model right, then put the world-class technology under it to support it.
Business Models
We’ve worked with lots of different and diverse companies and businesses over the years. They all had different needs, different budgets and different preferences in their style of working. But they have all had something to teach us about how we work.

This has led to the creation of several focused business models that we work to on a regular basis. By taking a look through them you should find, you’ll prefer one over the others. It all depends on how you work and the requirements you have in mind.

Fixed cost projects
This is ideal for your business if you have a strict budget to work to and you want to know that you won’t go overboard on costs. We’ll always work with you to figure out a plan and a way ahead on every project we tackle, so you’ll always know what you’ve to pay in advance.

And there’s no danger of incurring any extra charges at the end of the project that you didn’t know about previously. Sensible, focused and set in stone – that’s the nature of a fixed cost project.

Pay As You Go
This is ideal for hourly based projects. Whatever your goal might be, you can let handle it for you by working on your project hour by hour. You pay for the number of hours we spend handling your work. It’s simple, straightforward and you always know where you stand.

Dedicated resources
Do you have any tasks that need performing on a monthly basis that you’d prefer to outsource rather than hiring a developer yourself?

If you do, this business model will suit you perfectly. You can hire a full time developer who will work 40 hours a week, 160 hours a month for you. The developer will be your virtual employee, working full time for you but remaining in our offices or may be you need a part time developer who works for you daily but for a fewer hours.

We can also handle website maintenance and many other regular tasks using our dedicated team to provide you with the ongoing resources you need. Contact us at today to find out which business model will be right for you.
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