Process and Methodology
It's one thing to have the tools, but one also needs to have
the methodology and we stand by our methodology.
Process and Methodology has refined a specific way of working that always gives you the result you want. We’ve honed this over the years and we continue to use our experience to ensure we provide the best possible service from start to finish.

Requirement analysis
We’ll work with you to understand what you require. No work begins until we know exactly what you want to achieve. Only by gaining in depth understanding of your needs and requirements can we move ahead and start to make them into reality.

Specifying your requirements
Every single job undertaken at Nethusindia adheres to a firm work plan. Your budget, estimated costs and benchmarks to be achieved along the way are all rolled into a specification sheet. This is followed by everyone who works on the job.

Site structure and design
It all starts with the home page of your site. This must attract the attention and provide a gateway to the internal pages. We create the page according to our previously designed plan. This leads to the internal pages, each of which has a specific purpose and place in the overall design.

We use XHTML and CSS to create working and bug free web pages that will wow your visitors and keep them on your site for longer.

Development of the project uses a modular approach to ensure the project is fully developed. Thanks to the detailed planning we have already done, we are able to develop it to a greater degree. You’ll know exactly what is happening and when too, so you can give feedback en route to a successful conclusion. You’ll never be left out of the loop while we’re developing your project.

QA and testing
We always adhere to our quality assurance processes to ensure you get the best service from us at all times. Nothing is left to chance. We also test every project we undertake thoroughly from start to finish.

Beta testing allows us to check the entire project and to identify any bugs or glitches along the way. We can then fix them and re-test to ensure we have got the results we want.

Project completion and delivery
Only when all the above stages have been completed to our and your satisfaction do we complete the project at hand. We then deliver the finished product to you.

You won’t feel as if you’ve been left alone to get to grips with your site or project however. We’ll always be here to provide support and advice if you need it. It’s all part of the dedicated service.

We also provide a post work completion guarantee. This covers any bugs related to our work for a full sixty days after the work has been completed. So you can see you really do get the outstanding service you pay for.
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