Quality Assurance
Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort. (John Ruskin)
Quality Assurance
The team at srisofts.com believes in many things. But there are two things that are incredibly important to us – quality and testing. Our working procedure is based around the idea of top quality results, which is why we have a step by step quality assurance procedure in place for every single job we undertake. We test every step of every process so you are always assured of the best results.

A practical, no nonsense quality testing approach
We’ve honed and finely tuned our quality objectives over the years. This has ensured we always check every single stage and step along the way to a successful end result. This includes performing W3C validation of every web document we create, to ensure consistently high standards throughout.

Here’s what you can expect from us when you rely on us for top quality work.

Testing for functionality
Everything we undertake, whether it’s a website, an application or a piece of software, has to be functional. It has to perform the tasks that are asked of it. By testing a process thoroughly from start to finish we can ensure it functions in the exact way you want it to.

Testing for usability
Just because something functions well, it doesn’t automatically mean the end user will find it usable. Even if something works it must work in the best possible way to get the end result you want. We’ll take care of this part too.

Testing for compatibility and compliance
Let’s say you want to add multimedia elements to your existing website. It’s not enough to design a great multimedia component. We have to be sure it is fully compliant and compatible with the site you already have, so there are no glitches or issues when it is used. It is only by being fully compliant that you can be assured of hitting the highest possible standards for your website.

Testing for performance
Here at srisofts.com we don’t stop short of perfection. We don’t expect a good performance from every app, page or project we create, we expect a great performance. And so do you. That’s why we always test for performance as the next step in our journey for quality assurance. A good performance is vital if we are to achieve the best outcome from every job and task we undertake.

Testing for load
If we are creating an app, software program or website designed to be used by lots of people at once, it’s vital that we test it for load. If it performs well in this sense we can be sure that it will perform equally well for your clients. If it doesn’t, we go back to the drawing board until it does.

As you can see, srisofts.com leaves no stone unturned in the quest to provide you with the quality assurance you rightly demand. We know how important quality is when it comes to your business, which is why we offer the best possible process there is.
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Quality Assurance